Welcome to the Miami AdTECH: OOH Conference. This event is aimed at those already in AdTECH wishing to learn more about the Out of Home Industry, and for those in Out of Home who wish to better understand Automation, Programmatic Buying, Marketplaces, Media Exchanges and Revenue Management.

This event is being Chaired by Stephanie Gutnik | Global Head of DOOH | Yahoo!



     WEDNESDAY APRIL 19th, 2023


    13:30 Welcome
    Chair | Stephanie Gutnik | Global Head of DOOH | Yahoo

    14:00 Keynote: How To Incorporate LATAM in Global Campaigns
    JC Conti | CEO | VIOOH
    Brendan Donoghue | Head of Programmatic | JCDecaux North America

    As Latin America continues its growth as an emerging region,
    advertisers in other markets want to understand best practices to
    incorporate LATAM in global campaigns. In this session, you’ll hear
    about the growing importance of programmatic DOOH in the Latin America
    market and how airport inventory, like Miami International Airport, is
    the gateway to the Latin American market.

    14:30 The DOOH Transformation of Brickell City Center
    Joshua Cohen | President/CEO | PEARL MEDIA
    Michael Sneed | Director of Retail Marketing and Communication | Swire Properties

    14:45 Fireside Chat
    Julian Chu | Head of Strategy and Growth | SOS in Conversation With
    Bryce Hollweg | Chief Operating Officer | Florida Panthers

    15:00 PES Framework: Propel Business Transformation & Growth
    George Alifragis | Chief Operating Officer | Sryas

    15:15 COFFEE

    15:45 The Growing Importance of DEI in OOH
    Jeff Jan | Head of Industry Initiatives | OAAA

    The advertising industry has been continuously evolving to reflect the diverse and changing landscape of the world we live in. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become an essential aspect of marketing campaigns, and advertisers are increasingly seeking ways to create content that resonates with multicultural audiences. As a result, Out of Home (OOH) advertising has become an increasingly important and effective medium for reaching diverse audiences. In these two sessions, a panel of advertising leaders will share their insights and experiences on how the OOH industry has evolved and how it can continue to improve in terms of DEI representation and the solutions that create more inclusive campaigns.

    16:00 Panel Discussion: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Isaac Mizrahi | CEO | Alma
    Ana Crandell | Vice President Multicultural | Zenith
    Liliana Caro | SVP, Strategy & Multicultural | Havas Media Group
    Moderated by Silvia Prado | Director, Digital Ad Sales | WiConnect

    16:30 The Nuances of Working in AdTECH Across LatAm
    Victor Perez Campos | Publisher Solutions Director, LATAM | Hivestack in
    Conversation with:
    Jose Luis Lopez |  Head of pDOOH | PIXELED
    Cristina Raunich | LATAM Marketing Executive
    Mónica Chaves Falla | Client Success Director | MediaMath

    17:00 Case Study: How Aspex Eyewear’s Multi-touch Marketing Campaign
    Leveraged Vistar Media’s Proximity Targeting Capabilities

    Felix Sides | Vice-President of Sales & Marketing | Aspex and Lucy Markowitz | Senior Vice President of US Demand | Vistar Media

    17:30 Closing Remarks
    Chair | Stephanie Gutnik | Global Head of DOOH | Yahoo


    • George Alifragis
      George Alifragis
    • Victor Perez Campos
      Victor Perez Campos
    • Liliana Caro
      Liliana Caro
      Havas Media Group
    • Julian Chu
      Julian Chu
    • Joshua Cohen
      Joshua Cohen
    • JC Conti
      JC Conti
    • Ana Crandell
      Ana Crandell
      Zenith Media
    • Brendan Donoghue
      Brendan Donoghue
      JCDecaux North America
    • Mónica Chaves Falla
      Mónica Chaves Falla
    • Stephanie Gutnik
      Stephanie Gutnik
    • Bryce Hollweg
      Bryce Hollweg
      Florida Panthers
    • Jeff Jan
      Jeff Jan
    • Jose Luis Lopez
      Jose Luis Lopez
    • Lucy Markowitz
      Lucy Markowitz
      Vistar Media
    • Isaac Mizrahi
      Isaac Mizrahi
    • Silvia Prado
      Silvia Prado
    • Cristina Raunich
      Cristina Raunich
      LATAM Marketing Executive
    • Felix Sides
      Felix Sides
    • Michael Sneed
      Michael Sneed
      Swire Properties

    Emanuel Luxury Venue

    1723 Washington Avenue

    Miami Beach

    FL 33139