Silvia Prado

Director, Digital Ad Sales



Silvia is a bilingual and multicultural communications professional with over twenty-four years of experience working with clients across multiple industries in Florida, Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. Hispanic market.

Having worked for various companies including HBO Latin America, Cisneros Group of Companies, SouthFlorida CEO Magazine, Televisa Publishing+Digital, Marketwire, Boingo, Medscape/WebMD, Yahoo! and WiConnect, Silvia brings a unique professional background that combines business development, multicultural advertising and public relations, with an emphasis in the Hispanic and Latin America media market and a strong focus on incorporating new media and digital technologies.

Passionate and savvy, Silvia has been pioneering the evolution of Hispanic and Latin America digital communication tactics to better position her clients for increased online visibility. She is a networking powerhouse who brings a wealth of experience to her roles including strategy and consulting, advertising and sponsorship sales, public relations, event marketing and promotions.